This Ayurvedic Supplement

is made with the goodness of Methi Dana, Amla and other antidiabetic herbs. Made with the goodness of Methi Dana, Amla, Michak Dana, Karela, and Paneer Dodi, Meh Mukti is known to deal with all diabetes-related problems and helps improve the energy levels.

Meh Mukti - 100% Herbal Remedy For Diabetes! No Side Effects!


I have had diabetes for the last 10 years and due to my high sugar levels, diabetes started affecting my eyesight. That was the time I realised that my modern medicines only contributed to mistreating my body. I started using Meh Mukti last year. In just 3 months, this ayurvedic preparation helped reduce my diabetes levels, reduce my body pains inflicted by both arthritis and diabetes, and helped me recover my lost energy levels. I thank team Kayasetu for giving me the gift of a healthy lifestyle.

Ritu Aggarwal

I have had early age diabetes since the last 6 months and I started fearing for my declining health percentage. The stress did a lot to my spiked sugar levels and other problems related to the disease. I felt like a patient. But ever since I started taking Meh Mukti, I have started feeling as energetic as I was before I had sugar. If Meh Mukti can help a younger person like me then it can benefit others as well. Do consult team kayasetu!

Deepak Verma

Kayasetu's wide range of products has helped a lot of my family members suffering from many health issues. From diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, obesity, and regular cold & cough, among many lifestyle diseases, many of my friends, family and relatives have gotten the benefits of their Ayurvedic products. All you have to do is make Ayurveda a lifestyle rather than a time-bound medicine. I always recommend Kayasetu because of the positively effective results I have personally received against my diabetic levels.

Arun Kumar

After receiving positive results against my early age diabetes, I always recommend Kayasetu to diabetes-affected people. I am now a fit person who has reversed the early age pre-diabetic levels only because of Meh Mukti!